Why Counterparty is Awesome

Copied from Reddit.

XCP itself was created by burning 2100 BTC, and almost 10,000 bitcoin addresses own some amount of XCP currently

GEMZ - sold around 7 million units, raising $150,000 worth of BTC, as well as raising some VC money

SWARM raised over 1200 BTC in their crowdsale

SJCX (StorJ) raised over 900 BTC in their crowdsale

Spells of Genesis just launched their crowdsale today, already over 300 BTC raised for their BITCRYSTALS token. Also several blockchain based trading cards

LTBCOIN (rewards coin for LTB) is held in nearly 5,000 wallets and there has been over 180,000 LTBCOIN transactions to date

FLDC (FoldingCoin) is held in nearly 4,000 wallets

OCTOPARTY used to be an alt-coin, but they decided to abandon their chain and become a counterparty asset instead

SCOTCOIN did the same thing as OCTOPARTY

Counterparty has over 20,000 assets registered and nearly 300,000 transactions so far. Far more activity than the various colored coin flavours, coinspark, mastercoin/omnicoin etc…

Symbiont recently raised $1.2 million to build their smart securities platform (also see the OP of this thread). These are the guys who created Counterparty, and they have stated multiple times that they are dedicated to counterparty (although they have also stated they will be working with other protocols - but that’s fine, there are trade offs and benefits for each system)

At the recent American Banker Digital Currency Conference, Symbiont was one of the main sponsors, and representatives from symbiont/counterparty at three of the talks. Notice how there is no one from open assets or omnicoin etc.

Lots of other projects which can be found here

Several tokens which are redeemable for various goods and services, such as pounds of coffee on the blockchain, those bitcoin keychain images you see everywhere, store credit on BitVPS, professional audio composition services and more

There is already at least 3 startups focused on building infrastructure and applications for Counterparty, including Vennd.io, CoinDaddy, and of course my company Tokenly. Also, there is four wallet implementations (1 [2] [3] [4]) and two block explorers (1 [2]), as well as support on BlockTrail

Keep in mind Counterparty has only been around for a year and a half.


Yes CP transactions take the same amount of time os bitcoin transactions do. They ride inside of the 40 bytes of data that is unused in every bitcoin transaction.

You can find a list of all sorts of sources on this website:


That will have links to block explorers, wallets, exchanges, every token, ext…

I am very new to counterparty. I have one question and was hoping you can answer it for me. Can counterparty be shut down by the government, feds etc…?

in the same way that any other altcoin, bitcoin, or the entire internet could be shut down. So the short answer is no

though it is fair to say that if no servers are running that it could be hard to access, but the counterparty assets i have now will always be there, even if there arent any servers running, but to use them i would need access to counterparty enabled servers. So servers shutting down could stop people from using it temporarily until someone started a server again. So if a country doesnt like counterparty, they could block counterparty servers, but users could just use something like tor to get around the firewall.