Couple question about Counterparty and that situation

What real projects are running over Counterparty? Can I find any list of projects over Counterparty? Not only sell/buy assets something what really are using some Counterparty technology.

I read Ethereum smart contracts are in testnet with Counterparty, where I can follow how this testing have go forward in last months?

Are there XCPusd or something similiar like Tether in Mastercoin?

When I read forums looking like everything GUI wallet etc have been totally freeze. Devs develop their own Symbiont only and fix some small bugs from protocol or how? Mastercoin have lot of marketing around, but that still don’t make their system more popular. How and what Counterparty/Counterparty Foundation doing, not looking like really much? Even Mastercoin team development now really fast all their own projects and have updates about every small software update while only what Counterparty newsletters telling is “last weeks have been busy with projects and future looking interesting” (for doing what and what are looking interesting if there are nothing to show or telling?)

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Counterparty the protocol in itself is just a simple layer for issuance and transfer of tokens. It works well and it is stable. Therefore not much development is needed. The exception is smart contracts, which will be introduced once the Ethereum code is proven stable and bug free (now it is not).

Counterparty the ecosystem is what matters *. There are many projects running on CP. The most famous ones are LTB Coin, Storj, Folding Coin, and Spells of Genesis. Others are experimenting with gold backed assets, discount coupons, forum access tokens, etc. Would be nice if someone makes a complete list.

The GUI wallet was developed by the same guys who developed the protocol. I think it works but it is kinda half finished. It’s open source so anyone can continue working on it. I guess they didn’t prioritize it because it turned out that other 3rd parties also made wallets. Check out Tokenly Pockets and Indie Square.

  • CP is to 2.0 what Bitcoin is to 1.0. All the energy being brought into CP brings lots of benefits such as wallets and block explorers. I highly recommend anyone interested in this technology to join the CP community. If and when it becomes really big, XCP will gain real value as an anti spam token.

I am on the road right now and can give a detailed explanation later, but @JPJA did a good job. As for a full list of Counterparty projects, you can go here