There was a strong mediatic exposition some weeks ago stating that they were realizing a ripple gateway for XCP, but nothing serious followed.

Does anyone have any news?

Things are happening

Is Symbiont likely to make use of XCP?.. or impact it in an indirect way??

I’ve lost track of what CounterParty’s ambition is now; it’s obviously got a useful wallet but the devs pulled off towards Symbiont that looks more catering for private commercial interests.

There’s a query on reddit too, wondering about CounterParty relative to Blockstream… see

The article is full of good news (investors, projects).
I believe infact that the article responds to @davidpbrown 's concerns. Counterparty is all about smart securities.
Smart conctracts implemented on top of the bitcoin blockchain… contracts that can be triggered directly with bitcoins and can move assets and XCP. I wouldn’t be surprised if technologies like counterparty will save the first cryptocurrency from the competition of the miriad of “2.0 projects” out there.

By the way, the articles I was referring to (like this for example) gave the impression that the ripple gateway was (or was very close to be) ready.
I am a supporter of both ripple and counterparty (oddly enough, I believe that the technologies can complement each other) and I’m looking forward to it :>

PS: sorry for my english guys!

It’s not explicit and until it is, is an hope and a prayer… perhaps I’m missing something. Certainly I’d like to see XCP and CounterParty put to use and encouraged to see serious activity building on what CounterParty has acheived but again having listened to Robby Dermody talking about Symbiont back in April, it wasn’t obvious to me that it’s not just a parallel venture and then developing private commercial blockchains distinct from any use of XCP.

Apologies for going off topic from the OP Ripple query but it would be nice to be clear that there is expected to be a strong positive following from this change for XCP-CounterParty with those devs now at Symbiont. Perhaps we will not hear anything for their being bound into silence?

No problems!
To be honest the whole topic is Off-Topic in the “support” category… don’t know why I put it there (was meant to be in “general”… mods if you came here, you have my permission to move it!)

By the way, I partially see your point, perhaps the tone of the last post seemed too enthusiastic… thx for the link, I’ll listen the interview very soon.

Sure, all issuances on the Counterparty network use XCP and (eventually) Smart Contracts may (this not decided yet) pay the processing fees in XCP.

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