Whats going on with counterparty is this going to close?

I constant get syncing wallet errors in the account or hardly am able to open my account at all.
Then i suddenly see the message showing that direct support has been disabled.
And on top of it all you claimed to have send us information by email about a shutdown ?!?!?

You misunderstood something (I don’t know exactly what, maybe that MasterXchange was closing?).

Direct support is community driven, here on the forum.

If you have an iOS device you can use IndieSquare Wallet or on desktop try the Counterwallet instance hosted by Coindaddy.io. Usually errors are temporary and caused by stress tests on the Bitcoin blockchain as documented in several topics on this forum.

Hmm you might be right, but still is weird that i did not receive the so called email at all.
My main concern is that both main sites tend to be insanely hard to reach.
I have had days that i could not login at all, sometimes i do not care and think ill check later.
But its annoying if you need to make changes, nevertheless i hate community driven support.
It simply does not work, you hardly get any usefull answers at them.
And the huge lists of errors is not making it better, ofcourse i refuse to make screenshots.
Kinda hope soon to see a better solution.

Well, the useful answer is that normally either IndieSquare Wallet or one of Counterwallets tend to be online and it’s going to get better after the next version of Counterparty that will better handle attacks (“stress tests”) on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Also you can try Tokenly Pockets, it may suit your needs.