Servers down for extended period

Hey Great people, happy 2024!

I noticed that counterparty servers have been down for a long while now. Any updates or alternative ways to successfully access any of the three servers?



Hey again Community

In response to me request above, I have had a handful of really helpful people DM me direct suggesting that I e.g.:

Can someone here in “more public” verify that this is the way forward (i.e. secure) ? Obviously I would prefer to access my wallet using one of the Counterparty Wallet servers (but they keep being down)

Thanks a lot!


Update… I got scammed - and lost 1.02 BTC :frowning:

… just found out at I as an alternative could have used … using that now I saw funds were transferered (stolen) 2 days again.

I feel so stupid and sad - a hard learning for not doing proper research.

Hope I at might be able to someone with this post

that truly sucks. provide a link to the transaction that shows the scam. who knows, someone might dig into it someday.

Thanks so much tor responding!

This is the link to the main transaction that milked my wallet for most value (1.02 BTC):

These were the links to the sites recommended - support was very friendly recommending to connect to wallet to fix issue - links to the two sites:

They both seem to be 1:1 identical in the way they work and I have not been able to find any docs (eg white papers) or reviews that confirm that they are legit - and being stupid enough to enter by 12 word pass key in a access form and seeing my wallet being accessed after and milked after that, I can only deduct that the sites are a scam.

Any help is highly appreciated