Counter wallet problem

I need help.
I tried to log in to my wallet.
I can not log in.
I can not proceed to the next step in the attached photo.

Same here. Seems to be down. Any other way to access it or does anybody know when it will be online?


All 12 statements and quick access addresses were used, but failed to login.
I don’t know any other way.

There are multiple counterwallet servers for a reason… occasionally one of them goes down.

You should always visit to see what the wallet status is… If the main counterwallet server is down, you can always use

The reason that you were having issues was because the counterparty API on the counterwallet server was down for about 6 hours (went down while I was sleeping). When I woke up and saw the text and email alerts, I immediately logged in and restarted the counterparty API and was usable again.

TL;DR… it was a temporary issue… in the future check and use alternate server if you experience issues :slight_smile:

I am grateful for your help.
Thank you for your answers.
I hope you have a good day !!

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