New and very blunt. Evaluating what to do with about 7 million XCP donated to my Tribal state. What ACTUAL USE of this Token is currently possible is the Q of my Office. The Value of anything to truly be an asset is its ACTUAL USE value or Exchange value/liquidity. So what is the goal of XCP? I am not a gamer etc interested in playing with Tokens; I am a serious Trustee with a duty to determine how to utilize Trust assets. Have not found a use for XCP Tokens yet. Just looking at em in a wallet.

I have noticed a few things and humbly ask:

  1. Noone is buying XCP. There are far too less purchase orders versus sell orders on the ONLY exchange XCP is tradeable on that I know of, which is its own via counterwallet. How can XCP have a fiat $ value assigned if you cant do anything with it but look at it?

  2. Zaif lists it but noone is ordering it. And Zaif appears to not be accepting new accounts. So if we wanted to buy BTC with XCP or sell for USD or actual national currency, how and where would we?

  3. Why no public discussion of Counterparty blockchain? Or XCP? It is discouraging for a holder of a token to not see any movement while other coins & tokens are on the go. We only see old ideology based talk here n there surrounding XCP & CP Blockchain Technology; but nothing on real time that addresses how to trade it or demand of it making it valuable on any exchange; nor see it on any exchange being exchanged. Why? What can a holder or investor be confident with in regards to THEIR MONEY with investing in or holding XCP?

  4. Is XCP created with intent to be used as an actual currency you can make payments with in the world such as bitcoin? Would love to be enthusiastic about CP/XCP but lost on its ACTUAL USE. So why Is XCP virtually unexchangeable? Noone wants to be stuck with something they can not use as an asset. I know of nowhere where XCP is in any demand at all or being exchanged or cashed out, even bondable or leverageable… so what is its purpose value right now is the straightforward Q.

Just a newbie in crypto but oldie in Finance and Investment who is looking for straightforward answers not laced with anyone’s political or other ideologies. Where is the $ making opportunity for a holder/Invested party of XCP?

Only 2.6 million XCP exist, so it is technically impossible for you to havfe 7 million… my gut says you have been given some worthless token which says on xchain that it has some incredibly high value, and that is why you think you have 7 million XCP… in reality, you can’t have 7 million XCP, and your probably misreading the “ESTIMATED” value on xchain. ESTIMATED value is basically taking the price at the last trade… which means someone can trade with themselves to set the price of an asset, and then make it appear as if it has value to those we aren’t paying real close attention.

XCP is used to register assets and to pay for some special features on counterparty (dividends, etc), The coin is actually a utility coin which does have value. Also Counterpartys ETHOS is all about being truly decentralized, so we have a decentralized exchange (DEX) that anyone can use (XCP is the base currency used there)… and people can purchase XCP from a dispenser… so, what I am getting is if you really NEED xcp, you can easily get some from the DEX or from a dispenser… there is no need for centralized exchanges… Counterparty operates perfectly fine without being on any exchanges… we haven’t been on any us exchanges for the past 3 years, and yes till the platform continues to work fine, people continue to buy and sell XCP without using centralized exchanges.

Zaif is an exchange only open to Japanese citizens, so they limit customers to japanese people. As I mentioned above, you can buy XCP on the DEX or directly from dispensers.

Check the “Orders” and “Dispeners” tabs and you can see activity and XCP flowing back and forth.

There is public discussion of counterparty development, it just doesn’t happen here on the forums, most chatter takes place on telegram now at https://t.me/Counterparty_XCP

No one has said to invest in CP, or made any forward looking statements about how XCP will increase in value…your more than welcome to do what you would like with YOUR MONEY, and if you understand Counterparty and see long-term value in the platform, then perhaps you should buy some… if you don’t see any value, you shouldn’t buy any … again, my gut says no actual money has been “invested” into counterparty, and your probably sitting on some token which you mistakenly feel has value and are asking these questions cuz your starting to come to the realization that you have some token which says it has value, but which your not able to easily convert back into actual/usable/liquid value like BTC.

I have no idea what asset your speaking of that has given you 7 million worth of XCP value, but I suggest that you look closely at the token and project and trade history… if a project/token truly has value, you should have active buyers/sellers of that token… and the trading history should indicate that.

Counterparty is a platform which allows anyone to create tokens and send them back and forth to any address and the entire thing is built on the strongest blockchain, Bitcoin. The PLATFORM and what it does is the true value… not the XCP currency… most people in the space mistakenly judge a project based on its marketcap… low price of the coin translates to no value in peoples mind… Counterparty is different… we made a platform that just works, the price of XCP being high/low does not matter at all to the functionality of the platform.

Why is XCP virtually unexchangable? short answers, it is not… you can get XCP if you want, you just can’t get it through a traditional centralized exchange… Counterparty could easily be on a bunch of centralized exchanges, we get offers weekly, yet all those exchanges are paid listings, and no one wants to step up and pay exchange listing fees… So, its not that we can’t get on exchanges, it is that the platform works fine without centralized exchanges, and no one wants to pay for paid listings on exchanges.

Counterparty is different than every other project you have been involved with… please try to look at it with different eyes than every other coin where price of coin is tied to popularity and usability of the platfom…

Counterparty is for people who want to create a token on the most secure blockchain and use it for their project/purposes… be it Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) like digirare.com, bitcorns.com, mafiawars.io, www.kaleidoscopexcp.com, etc… or a reward token like FLDC (https://foldingcoin.net/) used to reward members for participating in a project… or new wallet interfaces that live on top of counterparty/Bitcoin like https://raizer.cc/ and freewallet.io… there are also projects to extend counterparty in new ways and make transactions faster and fees lower with projects like https://hazama.io/

I encourage you to poke around xchain.io and get familiar with the functionality of Counterparty and the misc projects running on it :slight_smile:

TL;DR… Counterparty is very much alive and new features a being worked on all the time.

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