Exchange for XCP

Good Morning,

I would like to know a new Exchange for working with XCP coin.
Bittrex, and TuxExchange are removed this coin and I don’t know who Exchange I can use.
I have my XCP coins in Bittrex stopped.
Please be so kind to inform me

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Exchange outreach is ongoing - Please stay tuned for further announcements- In the interim, you should withdraw your coins from Bittrex into your own wallet: Some wallets include Freewallet, Indiesquare, Casa tookan, Counterwallet or any other web-wallet supporting counterparty assets such as RPW.


What centralized exchanges trade XCP as of July 10, 2019?

So the Counterparty Home page says " You can purchase XCP through several exchanges… several exchanges"

Poloniex doesn’t trade your asset…I can’t even determine when they stopped. BTer hasn’t traded anything since 2017. XCP was taken off of Bittrex as of May 31st, 2019.
Tux exchange closed July 6th, 2019. While Zaif does trade XCP, they don’t accept new customers…so what exchange can someone actually trade XCP on? Oh and if you say Counterwallet…it seems no one buys XCP…they try to sell it. I tried for a month to sell xcp to btc and it was at a great rate for the buyer (and at max miner rate)…nothing.

Is XCP viable? How can you assign any fiat value to XCP and to coins on Counterparty, if it only plays in its own sandbox. If someone actually completes a trade of 1 XCP for BTC, it shouldn’t “validate” the value of all the misfit toys in the sandbox.


Hi, the only place i know of now. Is downloading the freewallet desktop and paying up to use the Exchange on their app.

Great post. I see no viable response ever came.