Just discovered XCP, got some questions

I just discovered XCP, seemingly a few days too late to get in on the IPO, so I am wondering: what was the original price (in the IPO) and what is the current price?

Proof-of-burn (not strictly an IPO) ended at 1000 XCP/BTC (0.001 BTC/XCP). Current trading prices are anywhere from 0.0025 BTC/XCP to 0.0075 BTC/XCP.

Damn, just missed it. Already up several 100%

I guess noone is interested in selling 5000 at 0.0020? You’d also get a dedicated and experienced marketer onboard.

Won’t hurt to put up the order. We have a DEX for that reason.

To be fair, I’d wager it is highly likely that some burners are putting fake/short-expiration BTCXCP trades through.  The spread is still huge, and it’s all tiny tiny volumes.  Some people are buying 1 XCP just to play.  If you’re buying one, doesn’t really matter if you pay 0.002 or 0.009 for it.

What is the total number of XCP extant?

EDIT: Nevermind. I see it at the top of http://www.blockscan.com/default.aspx

Here is the buy/sell thread on bitcoin talk.