Unique addresses with XCP over time

Is there a way to see how many bitcoin addresses have XCP in them over a period of time? I’d like to see if the number of addresses with XCP is growing, contracting, or stagnant.


Yeah, that would be some interesting statistics. Looking at blockscan site history I see that 2 months ago there was 7485 unique addresses with a total balance of 2645373.91149854 XCP, while today there are 8240 unique addresses with a total balance of 2640818.96401053 XCP. So there’s definitely an increase.

Would be great to have a chart displaying progress over the last year though.

Nice, thanks Ivana.

Blockscan one time? :slight_smile:

Hey Ivana, how did it go from 2 mill 645 thousand down to 2 mill 640 thousand, is the total supply always decreasing?

Each new asset burns 0.5 XCP.

Counter-entrepreneurs are envisioning various sexy use cases and registering assets for them, e.g.
http://blockscan.com/assetInfo/ORGANDONORS is one such recent move.

Yep. There’s been a lot of asset registration these last couple of months. That’s why that chart would be useful/interesting. Maybe @mtbitcoin or @jdogresorg would be up for something like that :smiley:

Xcp is used as fees in dividend issuances also. And once smart contracts get to mainet these will also use Xcp fees as gas. The fees paid in Xcp will be removed from the system and the total amount of Xcp supply will be reduced over time. This indirectly gives real utility value to Xcp

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@mtbitcoin you rock!! :sunglasses:

Awesome, thanks.

Great chart!

Just wonder if the number refers to addresses with any Counterparty asset, not necessarily XCP? On Blockscan I find 3895 with at least one XCP-satoshi and 2949 with at least 1.0 XCP.


These are references for addresses with at least one past XCP related transaction. They may or may not also contain other assets

@mtbitcoin did it again :)! New chart displaying addresses with Counterparty assets (not just XCP) http://blockscan.com/charts_assets_address_growth


Blockscan keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work