Portfolio for owned XCP (CounterParty coins) to follow gains/loses

Since all cryptocurrency portfolios (eg. Blockfolio) are an APPs, we have created a website for tracking XCP and other cryptocurrency coins.


Simply: submit number of owned coins (eg. 100 ) and its buy price (eg. $120). Coinparator will track current rates, profits, gains, loses and generate current charts for coins owned by you. Thanks to this you always know, how many coins do you coin, how much did they cost you and for how much you can sell them.

  • you can use this website for free
  • personal information or registration not required
  • just one small ad banner in header, otherwise ad free

You can track XCP:

Main portfolio table of owned crypto coins:

Generated charts for portfolio:

Any response will be very appreciated. Suggestions, bugs, problems - I’m here. You can post into this thread, send me a private message or an email.

Demo account is available at the bottom of index page. However it’s free and registration is not required, so you can test it by starting your own portfolio. Hope, this website will help you!

Any response appreciated a lot! :grinning:

Support for XCP is great, but support for the 70,000+ assets registered on CP would be better :slight_smile:

Any plans on adding support for Counterparty assets?

It’s really hard to predict how much server resources will application takes and how much storage will data takes.

For this reason we started with 1200 coins and main charts resetting themselves after 24 hours. It turned out, that I was paranoid. We can easily support 100,000+ coins and store detailed data for years… .

So change will come soon!

Thank you.

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