Counterwallet transactions stuck .. please help

Anyway to rebroadcast my transaction? Its been 24 hours and my BCY is in limbo. Can I hire someone to help me with a miner to walk this transaction through? What can I do? Looks like gas fees are set too low and I can’t undue the transaction. Please help.

You might want to try

Its already a valid transaction - I sent it to Poloniex. Never had this happen before. Anyways, I hope I can figure out what the heck is going on. Looks like counterwallet is working just fine.

Destination address: 1GVFFse2EVJTc8vNFzM3kZ427VKj9azPjS
Origination address:1yK8orDcuwJ9V42snR8nKsDgHMdRYZNn1

Tx Id: 572a76fb6b401c58e8666a0ab73b22d66fcdda3f30e2b5980ddf754f02fb45ed

Yep, it looks like the transaction was mined a few days ago

If your poloniex account has not yet been credited with your BITCRYSTALS, then you should reach out to them and tell them you made a deposit which has not been credited to your account yet, and give them the above transaction.

This appears to be an issue with poloniex, not counterparty, as your transaction confirmed 2 days ago.

Thank you. I sent them a support ticket. They are working on it. The second link provided shows my 89,996 being sent - very strange … don’t you think?


The first link (blocktrail) is the raw bitcoin transaction… it will not show your BITCRYSTALS because the information about the counterparty send (token name, amount, etc) is encoded into the bitcoin transaction.

The second link (counterpartychain) shows your BITCRYSTALS being sent across the counterparty network.

I know it can be a bit confusing, but both of these links point to the exact same bitcoin transaction… just one of the links shows you the bitcoin transaction details, and the other shows you the decoded counterparty transaction details.

Hope this helps answer your question :slight_smile: