Unable to make transaction - BTC missing

So I´m new to counterwallet, i bought some xcp in order to buy some nvst …
what a bad idea that was … i paid 0.2xcp fee for sending xcp rom bittrex to counterwallet … (that´s around 2.2$)
now i´m sitting here with 0.0000543 BTC and 7.9115 XCP and can not do the transaction i wanted to do, because the fee would be 0.0005 BTC (another 2$) … which i do not have on the counterwallet btc adress … i don´t own any btc, which sucks, yeah … btc is overpriced and the fees are crazy, as one can see … i could probably buy 0.0005BTC then send it for another 0.0005 BTC to counterwallet, which would leave me with zero … hm … any idea what i could do? i guess transfering the xcp back to bittrex and burning my counterwallet private key would be the best right?
or is someone willing to send me 0.0005 BTC minus 0.0000543 BTC so i´m able to pay the freaking fee?
i hope BTC is gonna die soon and we can use more LTC, XLMs MIOTA, or whatever, something with less fees … this is just dumb

if you want to help, this is my address
thank you

In counterwallet you can set a cheaper custom transaction fee e.g. 10 sat/byte which is 0.0001 btc/kb or 0.45 dollar but it then may take a day until transaction is finished. You can check the needed fee here https://bitcoinfees.21.co/

In Counterwallet Exchange you can sell XCP for BTC.

great, thanks for the advices! i´ll conisder buying some btc on counterwallet, so that i can at least perform some actions :wink:
ah yeah great, i just tried buying btc, but i need btc to perform the action! that´s just great, love it, fantastic, great system - works so well for me! :smiley:

Whole counterwallet and XCP are based on bitcoins. Hope when Segwit2x gets ready end of the year then transaction fees for Bitcoins get low again and also for counterwallet.

I send you some BTC. Make transaction with custom fee 10 sat/byte

ok will definitely do! thank you so much, good karma coming your way!

I just calculated that the 0.0000543 BTC you received with the XCP transaction should be enough to send a 543 byte transaction at custom fee 10 sat/byte.

So in general the 0.0000543 BTC you get with a counterwallet transaction is your ticket to send it back.

But the current counterwallet fees at normal and low priority are higher based on BitCoin fees. Only with setting custom fee that works but check https://bitcoinfees.21.co before that at 10 sat/byte time is not inf currently.

guuuuyyyssss thanks to @foldinger i now have 0.0004543 BTC in my CP Wallet
i really want to transfer my xcp back to bittrex so i can undo my experiment of using CP :stuck_out_tongue:
HOW CAN I SET CUSTOM FEE for transfers!?!?
If I click XCP “send” i get
“Cannot do this action as you have insufficient BTC at this address. Due to Bitcoin fees, each Counterparty action requires approximately 0.0005 BTC to perform.
Please deposit the necessary BTC into My Address #1 and try again.”
blub i´m desperate … :(((((

In the send dialog change “Bitcoin Fee” from “Normal Priority” to “Custom Fee” then enter 10 sat/byte to the right. It is the same if you want to exchange xcp to any other asset or btc in counterwallet exchange.

thx for the ultra quick reply, problem is i do not even get to the “send dialog”, i get the quoted error message before getting to any dialog … it´s a flaw in the system :
however after i am able to withdraw my funds, i´ll donate the rest of the btcs to the platform or transfer back to foldinger :slight_smile:

Guess now I understand it is really a flaw in the system for withdraw.

But you should be able to go to the exchange tab and exchange some xcp for btc with custom fee 10 sat/byte? Edit: That is not possible.

Sent 0.0001 btc additionally but will take some hours until arrival cause used 10 sat/byte.

wow you sent some btc again? and only now i checked - but yeah, with YOUR help i was able to do the transaction, FINALLY! so this topic is closed i guess! i´ll try to donate the rest of the btc to counterwallet! thx a million!

I am going through the same problem exactly as this