Twitter - Proof of project involvement

This is Matt Young, owner of the CounterpartyXCP Twitter account.

I an posting here to provide proof of my official involvement with Counterparty so that you can be assured that the message I sent via this URL:

Is accurate.

In that message I outlined how a competitor, "Mastercoin", is attempting to undermine our efforts to communicate with our community. They have done this by creating a non official "XCPCounterparty" Twitter handle and have posted updates while impersonating official Counterparty team members. Additionally, Mastercoin has posted promotional material of their own product on our account.

Please un-suspend my account (CounterpartyXCP) and transfer control of the impersonating account (XCPCounterparty) at your earliest convenience so that I can communicate the issue with Twitter users who have been misled over the past months.

Kind regards,

That’s great, Matt. If you need any further proof from us, let us know.

Hi Guys,

My first post. Good job with the forum.

I own the account that you are complaining about. There is nothing nefarious about it. I am an Exodus investor and a Counterparty BTC burner.

The twitter handle was used to promote MSC, but I did that on my own. Since MSC now has a lot of publicity and since I own XCP, I switch the handle to XCPCounterparty to inform my 1000 plus Bitcoin-orientated followers about XCP. I felt this project could use some more publicity. Hopefully some followers would look into XCP and perhaps become involved thus spreading adoption.

If you read my tweets they are simply informing people about XCP in a positive way. There is nothing controversial about this. You could have DMed and I would have explained this to you.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Hi Counterparts,
As a MSC and XCP investor, do you have a view on what you see as similarities or differences between the two? What do you think XCP needs to do better?