Transferred trig from binance


I transferred my trig coins from Binance a few months ago and it reflected in my wallet… Since then I have only logged in today and my account shows 0

What could be the issue? I can’t get the address from Binance as it was over three months ago


That may be a server artefact. Can you try to login or or use

All of them show 0…it’s acting like I logged in for the first time…

I managed to find the address on binance:
17mBF7RnRt6LH7T91ben3zYbmggvrhiSMN, but I cannot see this address in my wallet, any way to trace this?

There are the triggers

There are 2 possibilities:

  1. Your passphrase is different and you logged in a different empty wallet
    => check your passphrase
  2. Your passphrase is correct but you see a different address
    => try to add another address in your counterwallet which by magic can show your original address too