Receive TRIG tokens on etherwallet

hello; how do I send from binance my TRIG tokens to etherwallet? can I send to Myetherwallet adress1 or do I have to prepare something on myetherwallet ?

TRIG tokens are on the Counterparty platform, not Ethereum, so you can not use to hold your TRIG tokens currently.

You can hold your TRIG tokens in any of the counterparty wallets listed at

OUF THANK YOU THIS REALLY DID HELP ME; binance is not very helpful concerning this. I dont understand why they stopped trading triggers . its a difficult moment for trig but I am sure better times will come and trading will be possible again on platforms.

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So can I just send the TRIG from Binance to the counterparty wallet?


Yes, counterwallet can hold BTC and all tokens like TRIGGERS in one address.

How add Triggers tokens to counterparty wallet?

As it is the process, I only copy the BTC address that I get and from binance I send the trig to that address?

If the btc address is from counterwallet then send trig to that address. But not the other way round - do not send trig to binance btc address but only to binance trig deposit address.

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