My Triggers coin missen

Yesterday I had over $900 worth of Trigger Coin in my wallet, I opened the app today and discovered it’s not there anymore, I checked my history, it’s empty, wallet address to receive BTC and token has changed but address to receive Ethereum remain thesame.
What just happened? I need explanation because there is nothing in my wallet right now.!

i have same problem, after update wallet address change and trig disappears

Triggers are there but app does not show them. Workaround: Can you try

my code phrase is not suitable for entering a web wallet, but I am logged in to indiesquare and my code phrase is displayed as correct.

Indiesquare wallet faq says you can log into other Counterparty compatible wallets like Counterwallet and Tokenly Pockets with the same 12 words passphrase.

I cannot enter my counterwallet wallet by my passphrase. But I am logged in to the indie application, and the same code phrase is displayed in the settings, how is this possible?

Is it a typo?

No, I rechecked 10 times probably

With the 12 word passphrase you get several addresses generated but only see the first address by default. Is it possible the indiesquare switched to one of the other addresses and you can somehow switch back to the first or main address again?

They also have a email but don’t know if it gets answered.

I do not know, I have already created 3 Bitcoin addresses, nothing has changed, I turned in support until there is no answer