Total supply of xcp

Hello. What’s is the total supply of xcp. This bit is not available on

The number of Counterparty in supply is currently 2,616,511.94457850 XCP. CoinMarketCap shows 2,616,512 XCP, so they are exactly correct. I see how it could be confusing because it says “Circulating Supply”, which may suggest more issuance is locked up and yet to be released.

Originally, 2,648,755 XCP were issued through a burn in early 2014. Since that time, about 32,243 XCP has been burned. When assets are registered or dividends issued, a small amount of XCP is burned as gas / spam prevention. So, out of a total supply of 2,648,755 XCP, 2,616,512 XCP are circulating. There will never be more than that and always a little less, as more gas is burned.

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