How many BTC were burned, how many XCP created and how many are there now?

Amount of BTC burned and XCP created

  • BTC burned: 2,124.6302 (valued US$1,737,182.64 at the time)
  • XCP created: 2,648,755.9218
  • XCP currently (as of Nov 8, 2014) in circulation: 2,647,139

You can use the API (get_xcp_supply()) to get the current amount of XCP in existence.

Burn period

  • First burn: block 278689
  • Last gainful burn: block 283810

Notes, sources and observations

  1. Source:

  2. Participants late to Counterparty, so to speak, actually sent in more BTC than 2,124.6302. The burn address ( at the time of writing of this article contains 2,130.83833957 BTC. The difference was sent to the address after the burn-in period was over and those senders did not receive XCP in return. Because no one has the private key to the burn-in address, it is (and was) not possible to return bitcoins to those who sent bitcoins after the last block of burn period. The uninformed and spammers occasionally still spam the burn address with minute transactions.

  3. Current circulation statistics and exchange rate charts can be found at (block explorer) and (exchange rate, charts).

  4. Counterparty asset creation requires XCP so it has mildly deflationary influence on its circulation. The current amount is documented in the current product documentation that can be found online.

  5. First burn: