[Swarm] [Role] Conference Advocate

Are you a conference junkie? Do you have tickets to a forthcoming Bitcoin or FinTech conference?

We need volunteers to help us get "feet on the ground" at every major event.

Help represent Counterparty on the conference floor by -
[li]Striking up conversations and meeting new people.[/li]
[li]Introducing the project, explaining the platform and the major use cases.[/li]
[li]Answering any questions they may have.[/li]
[li]Exploring ways that the people you meet could use, or develop on, the platform.[/li]
[li]Forwarding people to our developer resources and Skype channel.[/li]
[/list]Use this thread to -
[li]Introduce yourself to the team.[/li]
[li]Share upcoming conferences in your area so we can add them to the calendar.[/li]
[li]Discuss the best ways to "pitch" Counterparty, and explain the use cases.[/li]

With a tagline like "Pioneering Peer-to-Peer Finance" Counterparty should really be represented at BitFin next month - http://www.bitfin.com/

[quote]Bitcoin Finance brings together the brightest minds in payments, finance, business, banking and Bitcoin. Over two days in Dublin, we’ll tackle the big questions and host fearless debates on the opportunities and risks involved with decentralised currencies. We will shape the future of commerce, corporate strategy, and economic policy in the world of peer-to-peer digital money. Bitcoin Finance is the digital money conference you’ve been waiting for.[/quote]

Some more information:

[quote]The speakers include leaders from Circle, Stripe, Realex, Bitpay, Wall Street Journal, Ocean Bank, Blockchain.info, Cayman National Bank, KnC Miner, BTCChina, Central Bank of Ireland, GoCoin, Banca IMI, Armory, MaidSafe, Bitnet, Bitpesa, EFF, Switchless, Government of the Isle of Man, Coinmetrics, and many more. See  www.bitfin.com for a full list of speakers.

We’re delighted that the event will be addressed by Gareth Murphy, Director of Markets for the Central Bank of Ireland. This is a major milestone for Bitcoin globally – it’s the first time any central bank policymaker has addressed any Bitcoin event. We have secured broad media participation with Coindesk, WSJ, and a host of other national and international media outlets attending the event.

This is actually just a short hop from where I live, so I put myself forward as a speaker / panelist - just waiting for them to get back to me.

Anyone else planning on being there?