[Swarm] [Role] Social Media Advocate

Are you -
[li]Knowledgeable about Counterparty?[/li]
[li]Articulate and persuasive?[/li]
[li]An active social media user? [/li]
[/list]Our [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,350.0.html]Social Media Taskforce[/iurl] desperately needs volunteer Social Media Advocates to help make our voice heard in the hundreds of crypto, P2P and finance conversations that take place everyday on social media.
If you’d like to be one of our Social Media Advocates, there’s no need to ask permission - simply pick up the role and start doing it. There’s no minimum (or maximum) amount of time you need to contribute, and every minute you spend is greatly appreciated by the community. 

[font=verdana]How you can help -[/font]
[li]Respond to [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,351.msg2415]alerts[/iurl] posted by our [iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,352.0.html]Social Media Monitors[/iurl].[/li]
[li][iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,360.0.html]Brainstorm new opportunities[/iurl] to promote Counterparty on social media.[/li]
[li]Give the project a voice in existing discussions involving Bitcoin, altcoins, P2P, or finance in general.[/li]
[li]Contribute to our social media comments cheat sheet.[/li]
[/list]Use this thread to  -
[li]Introduce yourself to the team (entirely optional).[/li]
[li]Figure out the best ways of describing Counterparty’s (benefits, features, etc). [/li]
[li]Help draft guidelines and best practice for new volunteers joining in the future.[/li]