We need meetup group facilitators


We’re urgently looking for people to facilitate Counterparty meetup groups in towns and cities all over the world. So far, we have two groups that are just starting up (London, and Silicon Valley) but we’d like at least ten times as many.

Ethereum, for example, have 35 meetup groups running. The founders and I need your help to bridge this gap.

These groups (and associated hackathons) are a central part of our strategy for getting people involved with Counterparty, and getting innovative new projects developing on the platform. 

I’ve created a new volunteer role -

[iurl=https://forums.counterparty.co/index.php/topic,361.msg2461/topicseen.html#msg2461][SWARM] [ROLE] MEETUP GROUP ORGANIZER [/iurl]

Want to put yourself at the heart of the Counterparty movement in your local area?

Please PM me, or respond in the thread above.


Delighted to announce that SyRenity will be running our Israel Meetup group.

Who else wants to step-up and provide leadership in their local city?

You’ll position yourself as the “go-to” person in your area for Counterparty, and make some great connections over a few drinks.

Please PM me.

I like the grassroots approach here. But I am not clear what you would like us to accomplish at a meetup. What is the goal of having meetups, in general? And what would be the (derivative) goal of each meetup?

Great question.

Our goal is to get people building on (and advocating for) Counterparty, and to spark local communities seeded with Counterparty experts.

When I was working the floor at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference with Evan and Robby, the level of personal connection I was able to get by meeting people in person was at a level I don’t think is possible online. When people met us, it gave them the opportunity to put a face to the brand, and swap fifty forum posts worth of dialogue in 10 minutes. 

I was a bit jealous of the people who had stands at the conference - at the most popular ones, people formed little queues to talk to the representatives there.

These meetups will give us all of these advantages, but once a month, in as many of the world’s major cities as we can reach.

Also, it’s not just about people meeting a Counterparty representative, like on a conference stand, it’s about people meeting each other. We want new businesses and projects to spring up on Counterparty out of the connections and friendships made at these meetups.

I can help form a meet up group in Los Angeles and Facebook user group.

Brilliant! I’ll PM you today to help you get started.

Who else wants to step-up and start a group?

We currently have one active group and three in the process of forming.


Ill Use Los Angeles Satoshi Square bitcoin meetup to kick it off.

[quote author=Sebuh link=topic=362.msg2702#msg2702 date=1402906591]
Ill Use Los Angeles Satoshi Square bitcoin meetup to kick it off.

Wonderful - sounds like a great way to kickstart it.