Sent SJCX from Poloniex, but received less in BTC

Intially, I sent 169.86298058 SJCX from Poloniex to my Counterparty wallet (1DWG8nSFdCXi6BZ9BoeNS8F8PJZMb2oDvQ) and it showed up fine in my wallet (see image below). Now, I sent another 21427.87005874 SJCX to it and it did not show up under the SJCX total. Instead, it recognized it as 0.0000543 BTC and added it under my BTC total.

The blockchain shows that the transaction did indeed happen with the correct amount. What am I missing here?

Most likely a display bug in CW. Does the SJCX balance show after you log out and back in?

@rubensayshi - what you think?

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Seems like that’s exactly what it is. Logging out and logging back in fixed the problem. Interestingly, going to a different tab (e.g., Exchange) and coming back to the main one doesn’t seem to fix it.

Either way, thanks @JPJA.