Sent SJCX to poloniex, will not be displayed


i transferred 10906,33 SCJX to my poloniex account from my counterwallet account.

My counterwallet address was:

My poloniex address for SJCX was:

Blockscan says this:

But why arent my SJCX displayed in poloniex? Hope you can help me…

My BTC transfer was finished just in a few minutes but this SJCX was 4 hours ago now…



Received -

Yes, I know. But my poloniex address does not display transferred amount.

I used the SJCX address from my polo account as receiver address. From this address I sent 10000 SJCX to counterwallet a few months ago without problems. Now back from counterwallet to poloniex it does not seem to be correct?

In poloniex my deposit address 1CwMRp3wu66rnSEHCynZ14y7JNvFQZbLCM does not show any incoming or pending transfer neither a balance of 10906,33 SJCX :frowning:

Well you can see the transaction completed, the info on is from the Bitcoin blockchain, not from Counterparty.
On the blockchain you can see the same transaction (but you can’t see the “contents” unless you decode the outputs using a Counterparty decoder).

Poloniex is known to be a bit slow with transfers,so I’d just wait 12 more hours… Or you can contact their Support.
There’s nothing that can be done from this side, the coins left the wallet is even you how have control over the sending address, can ‘cancel’ that send, let alone any of us on this forum…
(By the same token there is probably no way that you can prove you haven’t received the coins either :-).)

I’m sure you’ll see your coins appear in your Poloniex account soon, even if you don’t contact them.
The account you send to is a “transitory” account, they move it one more time before you can use it, so the fact that it arrived doesn’t mean that you should see it in your account.

Thank you very much for your extensive reply. I contacted poloniex and they fixed it. My transferred SJCX are now correctly displayed! It seems as if you really have to wait with transfers to poloniex…

Can be closed. Thank you for your help!