Trying to withdraw all SJCX

Hello. I have 10,000+ SJCX in two different addresses here. I’m trying to transfer everything to Poloniex. On my first attempt, CW said I needed a minimum of 0.0005 BTC to cover fees. So I transferred 0.0006 to my address. I see the BTC in address #1. Attempted to again send all SJCX. Now says I need to have 0.001146 BTC. What the heck is this?

I’ve tried sending less SJCX and the message is the same. Are there alternates I can try?

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Yeah it’s a bug in Counterwallet. You can use any other wallet, for examples see some alternatives here:

I don’t see any other SJCX wallets listed on this page. From what I can tell, it’s impossible to transfer my SJCX.

You need a wallet that understands Counterparty protocol, not a SJCX wallet (if they created one, that’d work too).