Cant withdraw sjcx to poloniex

I am trying to withdraw 70 sjcx from my counterwallet and deposit it to poloniex. When i click send it says that the coins are successfully sent, but they stay in my wallet and don’t go to poloniex What am i doing wrong? im taking my sjcx and sending them to the sjcx address on poloniex. I dont understand whats wrong?

Please provide additional information which can be used to diagnose your issue… like the address your sent from, or a transaction hash.

You are probably having the “vague but real” issue of not having enough BTC in the account from which you are trying to send your STJX. Every Counterwallet transaction uses some BTC.

Hello, I have the same problem and I’m having enough BTC in the account.

The problem was the ~very~ broad definition of the word ‘approximately’.
Finally I was able to do the transaction at 50 satoshis/B instead of the previously defined 150 satoshis/B.

The fee charged for a Counterparty/Bitcoin transaction is charged based off the SIZE of the transaction… You may have 0.0005 BTC in your account, but the transaction that your trying to send is larger than you have the fees to cover.

The solution is simple… send some more BTC to your address to cover the transaction fees as requested… Try sending 0.001 BTC to the address and I bet your problem will be solved :slight_smile: