Poloniex send SJCX (Status: COMPLETE), but the money is not received

I made a withdrawal SJCX (tx:f2b1af04a88c8cbe035d9a9d3f60d8a182c18e2c57361e44cb09bb6826d8403a)
on the wallet 1JzdsNBUy2LVbfDwPW2J2AaTjfKBwse6ss (wallet.counterwallet.io),
but it’s been almost 12 hours, and the money is not received. Where is my money?

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see http://blockscan.com/address?q=1JzdsNBUy2LVbfDwPW2J2AaTjfKBwse6ss , received 452.3727123 SJCX

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Received 452.3727123 SJCX - old transaction.
My new transaction is 11337.89591413 SJCX is not received.

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same here SJCX from Poloniex SJCX 15.01211476 COMPLETE: TX: 4a67bdda8b2a34b7594d093983094ab1d5e99f61707bdb5f66165fdea9bbe1ad

on the wallet: 1FVr6JsCL4B9EkAJnYp8DinCSwjpTZzMvk

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Hello, I’m having a similar problem. A few months later than this thread however.

Poloniex send SJCX -> (bitcoin address) 1R5VVwnuXbt81M4ArmQXAKaTR7iEsEmF3.

BTC is transferring fine, but the SJCX is not showing up on my account on wallet.counterwallet.io. I don’t see any additional assets on blockscan either. Any ideas what to try next?


This actually happens a lot. No worries. All you need to do is contact Poloniex support, Andreas if possible but anyone will help you the same. In your support message tell them that the COUNTERPARTY Tx shows completed but you have not received it yet. Paste the Tx ID, the Counterparty Asset Name and the amount. THEN close the email by asking them to REBROADCAST the Tx/Tx’s. Once they do, you will see the coins/assets arrive in your wallet very shortly after.

Always keep in mind,UNLESS you are buying directly from the Asset creator, that Exchanges such as Poloniex FIRST sends BTC or XCP to the Asset creator. Then after the asset creator receives the payment, the SECOND part of the Tx happens as the Asset holder sends the Asset to you, in this case SJCX. So with that said, in most all cases when purchasing assets is a 2 step Tx. Its not really anyone’s fault especially when buying a higher volume asset. The higher volume in tx’s can cause an Asset creator or company to miss a tx here and there.

So to easily solve your issue, just do exactly as I said in the first paragraph. This happens to me often as I am a high volume trader and I on average have to do this two or three times a day, but I am sending out a very large number of tx’s per day. So the ratio is actually a whole lot smaller than it sounds. Plus I am an Asset creator as well. If you have any other questions or need help just send me a message.

Hello, I’m having a similar problem.

Poloniex send SJCX -> ( address) 19kchp7RNrWY8nzqzhcaWvMJbe4czRQTww

the SJCX is not showing up on my account on wallet.counterwallet.io.

SJCX 4813.96157155

2016-05-18 16:02:14

Address: 19kchp7RNrWY8nzqzhcaWvMJbe4czRQTww

Txid: 0f51c7583d3fcb920d213dcc5b198e22037747b17760d2e6283f420a6fcacd96

What will you do?

We’ll do nothing, since that transaction doesn’t exist:


As I mentioned in here:

If no transaction happened, we shouldn’t be surprised that the tokens haven’t arrived. And by the way status COMPLETE doesn’t mean that it’s complete. It’s complete when the blockchain says it’s complete (6 confirmations + a link to a blockchain explorer would be a good way to claim that).

Troubleshooting steps can be found in Counterwallet FAQs.

Thank You.

Similar issue here. Polo is terrible. Will use other exchange next time.

It’s a suspected Counterparty bug related to the way Polo’s application works (which is different from how others use CP so this problem seems to be affecting only Poloniex).

Recently the developers and Poloniex have narrowed it down to one specific area and a fix is being worked on (technical details can be found here: https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/counterparty-lib/issues/875).

Hopefully by July this will be fixed.

hey Pkeane4osu, I sent some storj from bitrex to poloniex and never received it, I contacted both and created ticket as well, and both are not really replying with any updates. how long does it usually takes to resolve the issue? thanks.

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I’ve also noticed that FLDC, another counterparty asset, has been temporarily disabled. Could anyone here with insight on the issue share with me why it happened and how long it is likely to stay disabled? I made the mistake of sending a large batch of FLDC from Counterwallet to Poloniex a couple of days ago, and I have not heard back from Poloniex IT support on my ticket (though given what I’ve read so far, I’m not terribly hopeful they will ever get back to me).


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Hey, sorry this has happened but rest assured that it will be resolved. First, EVERYWHERE is having some sort of back up at the moment because of the price of Bitcoin. So I would bet much btc on that being the issue causing you to say they are not replying with updates. Bittrex has always been much quicker, in my opinion, at resolving issues related to tokens. How long ago did you send the coins? Also, did you check that poloniex is still accepting the original storj still even though the new one is not out yet, before you sent your coins? Sorry for asking but since I’ve not traded that coin recently I must ask. I would be shocked if you have not heard from bittrex soon, and more surprised if this is not resolved within the next 24 hour maximum, unless there is a Wallet issue. Please update me further with more detail if not resolved in the next 24 hours and I’ll help you further.

Hello, your issue is much easier to comment on. Wallets from time to time have to be maintained, to explain at the simplest of levels. Again I’ve not traded FLDC lately so I’m unaware if poloniex is discontinuing the coin or already have discontinued support of FLDC. Let’s hope that is not the issue because if it were you would not get them back. If it says “temporarily disabled” then it is simply caused by an update to that Wallet. Lastly, if that Wallet says “temporarily disabled”, you might not get a reply simply because to them the problem is already announced. Is that the correct way to handle this, no, but they will resolve this as soon as the Wallet is updated. If more information comes to light, let me know.

Many thanks for the kind reply pkeane4osu! Will keep the folks here updated if I see any changes in status! As far as I know, the currency is still being heavily traded on both Poloniex and Bittrex. It’s just that Poloniex has disabled all deposits and withdrawals.

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From what I have experienced it takes a day or two to get my sjcx deposited. at polo Just make a ticket immediately with all the transa info and it goes thru soon. I think they are manually processing deposits and with but i could be wrong. Sometimes they have to do that with new coin with no support yet. the coin is really pretrading before the ether conversion.

Hello @pkeane4osu I also have a problem about my Eth that has been trasnferred yesterday and it’s already 24hrs. right now . I already sent a ticket to the support desk of poloniex but no reply yet. and the ticket is also 24hrs. old. How long will it take to be notice by the support team?.

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Well, where do I begin, first off EVERYWHERE is having these issues with this, excuse my blunt opinion, mistake of a coin. I honestly can not tell you if or really when it may ever get corrected. I hope you are not to heavily involved with it or it’s tokens. Yesterday ShapeShift eliminated all eth token support and I’m 95% sure all Ethereum support as well. Excuse me for not being 100% on the later. However Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin and his brother Bobby whom together they own BTCC, which prior to the Chinese withdraw compliance earlier this year, their company was always ranked in the top 4 mining companies and exchanges in all of Crypto. Sorry for the off subject matter but they are among the many companies firmly standing by Shapeshift’s decision.

There is some serious faults with that coin and I hate to say this but many very knowledgeable people not just me believe a complete crash may be imminent. I’m quite sure this is the last thing you wanted to hear from me but let’s look at the coin and the lack of history it has. First, the creator was the person that brought everyone the Bitcoin Magazine. Now to the coin. I am a firm believer in the Creation of Bitcoin and if you were not there, this is easily publically available, NOT 1 CENT WAS RAISED prior to release. I believe Ethereum raised 3300+ btc BEFORE anything was given, proven or shown. How many times has this story started with a very bad result ending the story. Next look at the absolute crazy Volume this coin has generated continually at the exchanges. It’s just a few people that are “Price Fixing” sadly. Where I was very involved in private equity and corporate finance, this coin if regulated as a stock would have maybe lasted a month before it would have been shut down and all parties involved hit by heavy penalties for the unnatural allowance of normal market market growth.

I’m sorry to go on like that. You asked for help and I gave you the opposite. SO did you send from your wallet or from an exchange wallet? If you sent from your key held wallet I can help you. The problem may be selling them off. But reply to this if you did send from your key held wallet and I’ll help you with this and hopefully help you get a friendly result, meaning a result in your favor. Sorry again sometimes I go on small rants off subject. Hope this helps and hope I can help you further.

First of all thank you brother for the informative reply. I’m so sad on what’s happening on this coin.
… I’m sorry to say that I send ETH from my exchange wallet at poloniex to exodus wallet . and until now
there is no coin was sent. Is there any possible way to know or fix this?. …
Again, thank you for being responsive. Godbless you.

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