Selling counterparty logo accessories

would like permission or contracted agreement to sell t-shirts, hats and pins along with other accessory that feature the counterparty logo.

living in the small towns vermont has to offer currently there is less than opportune or ideal room to make money here.
we have a city within driving distance if you would call it a city. Burlington vermont is relatively a small city that features several colleges most importantly, as the colleges do offer a bit of diversity.

personally ive been a supporter of counterparty since about 2013-2014 and if there is greater opportunity within your coin to move upward and opportunity to be of service to the team, now would be a good time for my committed action.

just a thought but, am fully ready to give up working at wal-mart for better opportunity in the crypto community.

if there is anything you would rather have me do however please do take me in to consideration and in return ill equally consider the invested time and energy.

signed John E Fox