Counterparty Foundation Giveaway: Become our Annual Supporter and Win $20 + XCP!

Hi guys, 

We’ve launched a giveaway campaign and offer our Annual Supporter membership for a discount price of $30. Every new member (who successfully completes the giveaway on CoinTelegraph) gets $10 of XCP and $20 coupon to spend on Counterparty merchandise. Details here:

Oops, broken link should be

Damn, thanks @davidpbrown, fixed it now

The Counterparty Foundation side of that works well, the cointelegraph registration doesn’t work well. I didn’t get a confirmation email and then can’t see a way to prompt for that. Not to worry, the important part is done now. :slight_smile:

Awesome :)! Sorry to hear there were issues with cointelegraph. I’ll ping them about that…

Went to signup as a supporter, showing $50 annual. Supposed to be $30?
Is there a code?

edit- see it now!

yeah, it’s CTGIVEAWAY (shown on CoinTelegraph)

@davidpbrown the CoinTelegraph registration has been fixed

Sweet mine is complete! Can’t wait to grab one of those CP tees when I receive my reward :slight_smile: