Will counterparty tokens/assets ever become publicly traded?

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I think the counterparty concept is neat and I applaud the creators, however I feel this opens up concerns for high levels of fraud from dishonest people who create coins and sell them for USD. They have you set up a freewallet and then they transfer the tokens to your wallet when you give them USD whether that is cash, check, or venmo transactions. I would like this question to be answered by a creator like J-DOG, as I feel this platform was not created for financial fraud but for people to better understand blockchain technology and also to help the cryptocurrency following to grow.
Can any of the tokens created through countryparty/coindaddy ever be moved to be traded on a cryptocurrency platform like coinbase, robinhood, binance, etc and exchanged for USD or BTC? I think there is a big misconception here that these tokens will one day be worth thousands/millions of dollars.

I will just expose the elephant in the room here. The token/asset MYBLT was clearly created on your counteryparty/Coindaddy platform. The registered owner 12S6q5t5hsEjovQxwbPn8rNVrcfwfK8VVc has been selling this coin to innocent people in exchange for USD and telling the people that it will soon go live on all the major crypto trading platforms and will mirror bitcoin and essentially be worth more money that Bitcoin. MYBLT holders were told it was going to go live the end of March but now recently they have been blaming the delay on Counteryparty saying counterparty is having problems. I am sure countryparty does not want to be responsible for such lies.

J-DOG can you please respond and tell everyone wondering when this coin is going live that it never will as these token/assets are meant for peer to peer trading and used “PURELY FOR FUN” as stated in Coindaddy Introductory video. Thank you for your time.



Counterparty is an open-source platform which anyone can register tokens on for any reason, we are not a centralized platform that censors assets and makes judgement calls on if an asset is good or bad… The platform simply is a platform that lets people create tokens for wahtever reason.

As to your question of if Counterparty (XCP) or any assets could ever be on normal exchanges, the answer is YES, XCP and other assets already have been on normal centralized exchanges (PEPECASH, COVAL, BITCRYSTALS, FLDC, and others)…

The MYBLT asset is not owned by Coindaddy, We simply registered the MYBLT token for whomever paid for the asset registration and transferred ownership to them. We never issued any tokens or coins and are not responsible for what people do with their tokens after we register it and transfer ownership to them.

As to the rest of your questions… you really can’t rely on someone to tell you if an assets is “Good” or “Bad”, and you really need to do your own research into a coin before you purchase it…I can’t speak for what MYLBT is doing or waht promises they are making, as CoinDaddy is not involved in any way with the project other than registering the asset and transferring it to them…

FYI, the instructional video on Coindaddy is about how to register an asset for anything… it doesn’t say ANYTHING about MYBLT or any other asset, it is simply an instructional video on how to register or enhance an asset… so not sure why your asking me about it

Counterparty is an open source platform where people can register tokens for whatever purposes, and has no control over what people use the tokens for beyond the standard actions (issue, send, place dex order, etc)

CoinDaddy is just a services company which allows people to register and/or enhance their asset with additional information… and has no control over what people use tokens for… all we do is allow people to register a token using BTC instead of XCP, and then transfer ownership to them… what they do with it is entirely beyond our control

At the end of the day, no one is going to tell you if an assets is “good” or “bad” and it is on you to do your own research about an asset before purchasing… .I have written the asset reputation system with the goal of helping indicate to people if an asset is good or bad… but it is on you to do your own research.

Every asset has its reputation and a 1-5 star rating system right on the asset page on xchain.io, and you can easily click to leave feedback on an asset, or to view others feedback… here is the feedback on MYBLT… mostly negative


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My dad’s friend in Florida bought into Myblt last year and is told the same thing and that it’s going to merge with bitcoin and it’s all b.s

My dad’s friend has been talking with the main ringleader of Myblt and he’s in Texas hiding from the law at his parents house somewhere in Texas.

Now I’m looking for all the people who bought into this bullshit and from a old man named Mike.

I’m going to get this asshole arrested for racketeering and EXTORTION.

Mike is a complete fraud.
He uses different last names and but goes by his first name mike or Michael.
He’s most likely scammed people using both last names to get more money.

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Please tell anyone who has bought MYBLT and wants their money back to write me via email or text or call. I don’t have endless amounts of money, but can certainly buy the coins from a few people who feel like they were not a good investment. 8184157277@tmomail.net or text/call 719-966-7425. Feel free to call or write even if you are not interested in selling me your coins. I want to hear everything positive or negative.

I want to sell mine. I have 100k worth. :thinking: but really I do… any takers?

OMG!! I bought $500 worth from Mike the old man! I met him in New Jersey I think it was back in 2019 and he told me the same thing that it would go live soon!!

Does anyone have any updates on MYBLT LAUCH DATE? There is a lot of speculation that this coin is a fraud. Does anyone on here know the founders Glenn Green and Mike Hord? Curious why their MYBLT logo is the default Counteryparty logo, there is no website, no whitepaper…@Jdogresorg is the founder of Counterparty, I’ve seen him post in the MYBLT reputation section telling people to be aware. You would think the owner of the platform would want the best for the people.

@Tactics @3mike

All myBLT investors please join the myBLT community telegram. Use the link as follow.

We are roughly 56 members in telegram and we discuss myBLT all the time. Please share with all holders that you know. We have pinned emails and zoom meeting you can come read and listen to.