Question about smart property possibilities with counterparty

Hi, I’m looking for the right platform to do the following:

  • issue a token
  • peg it to a real world asset (every token needs some sort of identifier/ID)
  • have token owners lease out ownership rights of the asset to others for a predefined period of time
  • allow owners and leasees to transfer money (BTC or other) and ownership in one transaction
  • allow leasees to prove they have exclusive ownership rights for a specific period of time
  • allow leasees to show what specific token they posses rights of (to prove they have ownership rights of the pegged asset in real life)
  • allow owners of the tokens to ‘burn’ the token and let go of the corresponding asset (when it is not leased)
  • when a lease period ends the rights automatically return to the owner of the token
  • allow the tokens to be traded in a free marketplace/exchange (when not in a lease contract)

Is all this possible with the counterparty blockchain? What technology allows for these requirements? (multisig? escrow? smart contracts?) Has this been done before? are there examples somewhere? Is there a easy to use platform for this? Is this hard for a developer to build? What do i need for this?

All help is very much appreciated!