Counterparty assets and smart contracts on Ethereum

Are counterparty assets are manipulated by smart contracts on Ethereum ?
I would like to start making app on couterparty and after Ethereum released would like to treat from Ethereum. Is it possible to do that ?

I expect they are still ploughing ahead with their own blockchain… though I wonder they would do better just using CounterParty for the BTC blockchain stability and that’s being attractive to potential users of Ethereum. So, I expect with distinct chains that it will not be possible immediately but I expect they will not be able to ignore the significance of BTC and someone will script a way of talking to BTC and then that will necessarily follow though to allow use of CounterParty assets.

You could encourage them to use CounterParty for those reasons above… all I’ve seen of their chain to date is a run of instability and making a new chain just seems like more work for the sake of it - especially with the effort to make PoW and then PoS work.

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I think that Ethereum believes in the existence of multiple chains, so this is something that will likely happen