Escrow for games with Counterparty Assets

If you want to use created assets as a token in a game is this possible to do automated escrow like in Bitcoin? If you have multiple users pay into one address can the winner be paid back out to their original address that they sent the transaction with?

You should be able to do this wih a bet now or smart contracts when they become available

If you’re just talking about being able to use the address people sent from to pay back out, you just want to warn people not to pay from an exchange or online wallet that combines people’s balances.

I was kinda thinking the bet platform and the smart contracts would allow this. i just couldn’t seem to find anything when i googled "counterparty escrow."

it was more about holding coins in escrow for in wallet trading.

yeah we are talking about having the wallet in site and i don’t know if i want to create multiple wallets in site for ppl to hold their coins or if it would be better distributed where ppl just sent from their wallet to the game in site then the winner receives the pay out.

sounds like it’s coming but i’ll have to wait a little bit for those smart contract features. betting could be an option now but depending on where you live that feature is disabled unless they use a VPN with a non blocked IP?

but smart contracts should be ok i’d think, because not every game is considered gambling where as betting is.

thanks for any input guys.