Possibly interesting site for CP devs: blockstack.org

Blockstack is a community of developers who are working to create a complete, standardized, well-documented toolkit for building decentralized applications. Developers will be able to use this stack to create decentralized versions of popular online services like Amazon, Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit, or even a whole new way of publishing and browsing websites. Many applications are using the same or similar components to achieve decentralization, and Blockstack is working to combine these tools into a simple yet powerful software stack for developers of decentralized applications to build with.

Interesting forum as well, e.g. on the topic of ID’s


I will have to look into this but i am a little confused, its simply a platform to make web design easy? Am i reading that correctly @something ?

To your point about making Web design simpler - if you look at the Counterparty (or Counterblock) Federated Node, it’s the same idea - instead of installing and configuring 10 separate components (3-4 Counterparty packages, Nginx, Bitcoin Core, etc.) you run one script.

So I do think there’s value in having a documented stack where everything works out of the box.
Imagine if the Counterparty Fed Node script was forked into a Counterparty Blockstack script, to install only the Counterparty Stack (and replace Bitcoin Core with Bitcoin Core with addrindex patch) on Blockstack. Or if Tokenly CMS wrote a script that installs their s/w on Blockstack.

But it remains to be seen what Blockstack will do. If they create a stack that’s too different from what Counterparty needs, it’d be easier to continue using our own install scripts and docs.