[ANN] Counterfork to launch 1:1 forks of Counterparty on major blockchains

Counterfork is a decentralized grassroot project by and for the Counterparty stake holders.

Counterparty has always been a blockchain agnostic project, and time is due for Counterparty to expand to other blockchains.

Our mission is to ensure that any project carrying the Counterparty brand fairly rewards the Counterparty community. This involves:

  • Take a snapshot of Counterparty at a certain block height. Carry all XCP and token balances forward on the new chain.

  • Each project (and community) is free to choose on which chains their tokens shall hold utility. This snapshot approach removes the risk of bad actors taking control of their asset names.

We will support Counterparty Cash IF (and only if) they do this. If not, we consider it an illegitimate attack on Counterparty and we will launch the legitimate Counterparty Cash first.

Next up is Counterparty Lite on Litecoin. This is a bit more challenging from a technical pow and consultation with programmers is needed for how best to carry forward balances.

Down the line, the mission is to have Counterparty versions on all major chains. Remember, if we don’t fork first, bad actors will come and screw us over!

As a purely decentralized project, everyone who believes in Counterparty is welcome to join the Counterfork!

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You are calling this post a decentralized movement, but then continue to make demands as the group although you are but some individual sock. It is apparent from your post that you lack the technological experience to think this proposal through. What you are suggesting is the worst backward moving clusterfuck possible as this will only dilute the market and lessen the potency and effectiveness. Perhaps you should consider renaming to ShitcoinParty?

i think it is quite obvious that the community will not support new burn with bitcoin cash (already burned) under the counterparty branding - it feels like theft. many people think counterparty is simply not suitable to be run on bitcoin since it doesn’t have proper on chain scaling. i for one would like to see counterparty even switch to bitcoin cash completely - now these guys that appeared out of nowhere try to steal the show… or are you just trying to manipulate the market to buy the coins cheap? seems naive to think counterparty community will not set up competing bitcoin cash protocol with much greater network effect and even technical expertise.

Counterparty should be able to, for example, facilitate exchanges between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)–not necessarily blockchain agnostic, but definitely multi-blockchain