Reference implementation of blockchain concept


I work as an architect in a software consulting company.

While trying to figure out different BlockChain platforms available, I came across your website (

I wish to analyse your platform in order to understand if we can use your product for a blockchain implementation.
The objective is to present a business use case on block chain to our current and prospective clients.

For this I started with creating a wallet on TestNet ( In this wallet I have created two addresses.
Now I am not sure how to proceed further.

Things which I am looking for are:

  1. Is there any Web-API available, which I can call from code to create a wallet/address and do transactions.
  2. I am creating a reference prototype. For that I need dummy XCP. Is there any way I can get dummy XCP’s in my address.
  3. Any reference documentation to implement BlockChain solution.



Yes I think you can do all of these, I am no expert but you can find a reference of the API here:

If by dummy xcp you mean the creation of an Asset, this can be done pretty simple on the web wallet.

Blockchain solution could be a lot of things, there are some good use cases for counterparty tokens, you can check out what Tokenly is doing and their services that are built using Counterparty:

Chitty27 helped with some details and he’s more:

(1) Web API to create a wallet: you can reference Counterwallet source (e.g. see Here on forum you can see a simple wallet creation process in the code of Counterwallet Helper.
(2) You can get dummy XCP by getting BTC at a faucet and then once they’re at your address click on BTC and “Burn” and you’ll get testnet XCPs in return (this emulates the way XCPs were originally created, by burning BTC for XCP).
More here: How do I get XCP on Counterparty testnet?

Tokenly which Chitty27 mentioned has some of their PHP-based source on Github as well.


You should be able to interface with Counterparty via the APIs. The documentation is available at:

In addition hosts some development servers which are open to the public at :

This should be everything you need to get started… knowledge on how to talk to the counterparty API, and a public counterparty server for your application to talk to (no need to setup/maintain your own counterparty server)

Counterparty has a bunch of different features, but 95% of what happens on counterparty is 2 actions
1.) Registering an asset and issuing tokens (issuances)
2.) Sending tokens from one user to another (send)

If you have some spare time, you might want to check out the services offers… specifically the Asset Enhancement Service (associate all sorts of info like name, address, website with your counterparty token) and the “Asset Vending Machine Service” (setup a vending machine and sell your tokens to anyone 24/7)

One final thing you might want to check out is the free API at The API will allow you to quickly request data on any asset, address, transaction, etc.

Thanks Chitty27 , something and jdogresorg for the information.
I have started working on API and in parallel exploring and

Will updated the group about my findings.