Cannot send LTBcoin from my counterparty wallet ALSO I cannot TRADE LTBcoin for any other currency

Keep getting an error page. 

Tried refreshing
Tried clearing cache in chrome.
Any ideas?

There were some upgrades going on and some of bitcoin-related data had to be re-indexed/rebuilt, I think it should be fine now. Please recheck and report back if you still see this happening.

Pending send of 300 LTBCOIN from My Address #1 to

It is now 24 hours? Any ideas what I have done wrong?

Can you check on blockscan or paste the addresses here?

Did you try to log out of Counterwallet and back in?

Can you check your address on (using the same passphrase) and see if the balances refreshed there?

“cannot trade LTBcoin for any other currency”

Are you saying you can’t create an offer, or that offers aren’t matching although there are matching counter-offers?