Orders not being filled?

I have bid the ask price for an asset I want to buy and also placed sell orders but lately nothing gets filled and it seems after a couple days all orders get cancelled. Is this correct? I also tried to transfer some btc to a wallet. I see in that wallet after days it is still waiting on 6 confirmations. Is there a problem with counterparty. I have used it for months and never had problems like this.

I guess the problem is the Bitcoin hype. Currently I only do transactions or orders on weekends where the btc fee is low. https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/

I m also doing orders on the weekend but still no fill and sorry, I m not about to pay 30$ to place a buy or sell order …criminal actually- I guess $5 to fill orders is not worth the miners precious time- getting a bit annoyed with counterparty. I see the bitcoinfee site, so basically miners are ignoring the orders and they simply expire?

Waiting now 2 days again for buy and sell orders to get place. Or what would you suggest I pay as fee to get my orders placed?..and if they get placed and expired without fill- do I get my BTC back?

Bitcoin is shooting itself in the foot when any transaction has to cost $25 and up to bet executed.

At weekend you need 0.00005 btc which is $1 for an order or transaction to get through in one day. If the order expires you won’t get the fee back.

Another thing you can try is to use a transaction accelerator. e.g. http://confirmtx.com/

Bitcoin plans to implement Lightning network where transactions can be done in parallel to the blockchain. Coutnerwallet maybe can use that too then. That will solve the problem but I don’t know when.