Erase pending order to sell

is possible erase a pending order to sell?
Thank you.

It will expire after one week

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thanks for your kind reply,
I take advantage of your kindness to ask you, very briefly:
For what reason these orders with low fees can not be canceled?
They are not in the blockchain yet.
If I use Indiesquare, can I remove them?
Thanks again

The problem is counterwallet exchange works like a bitcoin transaction. So creating a order pushes it on the bitcoin network and by design these cannot be cancelled but only confirm or expire.

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thanks, next time I’ll be more careful with the fees


ive send yesterday bitcoin from my counter wallet adres to a wallet in kucoin. payed the full fee. its now 21hours ago. is it normal to wait so long?

i cannot find any transactions going on on blockchain on both adressses

kind regards

Can you check in counterwallet that bitcoin amount is reduced? That means transaction was initiated. How much fee did you pay?