I try to buy some XCP, but order expires every time

I tried to make some orders to buy XCP, but all of it expires after matches and pendings.
Please take a look on my orders

in this link you can see that it matched to someones sell order. then they became pending for some hours and expires.

my first order i place by the price 0.0005999 , but when it was finally placed the price became 0.0005998 . i guess because of rounding the numbers by the trade system. so this order should not find the pair, later i made another orders with higher price, but all of it expires…

I “lost” a lot fee when i create orders.
Please give me advice where was my mistake?
how should i create order to let it finish after finding the pairs?
Should i use much higher fees or something else?

“Tx”,“Block”,“Block Time”,“Source”,“Type”,“Description”
“”,“498685”,“2017/12/11 09:23:48 AM +03:00”,"",“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match 3dbe8f455ff432b49091b3cdbd4a86b6b1a60473b92365eebaf16c1ce1ad9317_34e15b82cc6c5b412829b16d4b8838c00e06e456c8bd7961b4e84609e8b788cd expired”
“10dec”,“498680”,“2017/12/11 08:38:34 AM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“My Address #1 sent 0.0014 BTC1PqD3ivPeTHHzJhukSsJ5haVKBztLh8TGi sent 2.3573 XCP (pending BTCpay)”
“788cd”,“498664”,“2017/12/11 06:30:54 AM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“1PVjr4p2R1mfpNmRC6UqVKLsMkyS8JJjFy sent 6.5487 XCPMy Address #1 sent 0.0039 BTC (pending BTCpay)”
“”,“498664”,“2017/12/11 06:30:54 AM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match 389c3ba6f8f0ce52ad85d15dc1708496b4dc17539bd21853c24366edb952b5f1_34e15b82cc6c5b412829b16d4b8838c00e06e456c8bd7961b4e84609e8b788cd expired”
“”,“498664”,“2017/12/11 06:30:54 AM +03:00”,””,"Order Match Exp ",“Order Match fc6f14188b7d891b1ebbefbeeec83d92de801b2f92fbb93ad9370c0f7a6a0c4f_34e15b82cc6c5b412829b16d4b8838c00e06e456c8bd7961b4e84609e8b788cd expired”
“788cd”,“498643”,“2017/12/11 02:46:51 AM +03:00”,“My Address #1”,“Order “,“Sell 0.09 BTC for 150 XCP”
“788cd”,“498643”,“2017/12/11 02:46:51 AM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“1D3F1G8hBfrDbrsXAtzLhxhCXyZgRUrBWd sent 141.3983 XCPMy Address #1 sent 0.0848 BTC (pending BTCpay)”
“788cd”,“498643”,“2017/12/11 02:46:51 AM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“129PX3San2y9cLL51wC1y5NxecZzuKhznt sent 73.77 XCPMy Address #1 sent 0.0052 BTC (pending BTCpay)”
“”,“498642”,“2017/12/11 02:45:37 AM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match 389c3ba6f8f0ce52ad85d15dc1708496b4dc17539bd21853c24366edb952b5f1_ccb03e8dd66096fc83996100d3b2ee709b76f474bb09ba586f1e936bab2874be expired”
“”,“498638”,“2017/12/11 02:26:03 AM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match 3215b17a7403dc79b12dd05de67f202cd794e2189c7abeaef2e8d42695b7b148_e0b3e0f53a6a86a04568d37f377cd101330480dcaa94fe4ba3b9c227baa10dec expired”
“”,“498634”,“2017/12/11 01:11:10 AM +03:00”,””,"Order Match Exp ",“Order Match 0c6ce88f950625b12e1697a668c0c4f6cba203551794a55a9a50b8ed7f36861f_3dbe8f455ff432b49091b3cdbd4a86b6b1a60473b92365eebaf16c1ce1ad9317 expired”
“874be”,“498621”,“2017/12/10 11:09:13 PM +03:00”,“My Address #1”,“Order “,“Sell 0.0052 BTC for 73.7 XCP”
“874be”,“498621”,“2017/12/10 11:09:13 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“129PX3San2y9cLL51wC1y5NxecZzuKhznt sent 73.7211 XCPMy Address #1 sent 0.0052 BTC (pending BTCpay)”
“10dec”,“498617”,“2017/12/10 10:50:11 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“My Address #1 sent 0.0014 BTC1PqD3ivPeTHHzJhukSsJ5haVKBztLh8TGi sent 2.3573 XCP (pending BTCpay)”
“d9317”,“498613”,“2017/12/10 09:53:18 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“My Address #1 sent 0.0039 BTC1PVjr4p2R1mfpNmRC6UqVKLsMkyS8JJjFy sent 6.5487 XCP (pending BTCpay)”
“”,“498613”,“2017/12/10 09:53:18 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match 3215b17a7403dc79b12dd05de67f202cd794e2189c7abeaef2e8d42695b7b148_3dbe8f455ff432b49091b3cdbd4a86b6b1a60473b92365eebaf16c1ce1ad9317 expired”
“”,“498612”,“2017/12/10 09:52:40 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match 389c3ba6f8f0ce52ad85d15dc1708496b4dc17539bd21853c24366edb952b5f1_0c6ce88f950625b12e1697a668c0c4f6cba203551794a55a9a50b8ed7f36861f expired”
“”,“498612”,“2017/12/10 09:52:40 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match fc6f14188b7d891b1ebbefbeeec83d92de801b2f92fbb93ad9370c0f7a6a0c4f_0c6ce88f950625b12e1697a668c0c4f6cba203551794a55a9a50b8ed7f36861f expired”
“”,“498606”,“2017/12/10 09:02:02 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match 3215b17a7403dc79b12dd05de67f202cd794e2189c7abeaef2e8d42695b7b148_389c3ba6f8f0ce52ad85d15dc1708496b4dc17539bd21853c24366edb952b5f1 expired”
“d9317”,“498592”,“2017/12/10 07:31:50 PM +03:00”,””,"Order Match ",“My Address #1 sent 0.0039 BTC1PVjr4p2R1mfpNmRC6UqVKLsMkyS8JJjFy sent 6.5487 XCP (pending BTCpay)”
“6861f”,“498591”,“2017/12/10 07:22:44 PM +03:00”,“My Address #1”,“Order “,“Sell 0.09 BTC for 150 XCP”
“6861f”,“498591”,“2017/12/10 07:22:44 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“1D3F1G8hBfrDbrsXAtzLhxhCXyZgRUrBWd sent 143.6903 XCPMy Address #1 sent 0.0862 BTC (pending BTCpay)”
“6861f”,“498591”,“2017/12/10 07:22:44 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“129PX3San2y9cLL51wC1y5NxecZzuKhznt sent 54.0981 XCPMy Address #1 sent 0.0038 BTC (pending BTCpay)”
“2b5f1”,“498585”,“2017/12/10 06:26:20 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“My Address #1 sent 0.0118 BTC129PX3San2y9cLL51wC1y5NxecZzuKhznt sent 19.6719 XCP (pending BTCpay)”
“”,“498585”,“2017/12/10 06:26:20 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match efd210875d11c3055991316beef7a1916495433eea63c2631f511e021e56c69f_389c3ba6f8f0ce52ad85d15dc1708496b4dc17539bd21853c24366edb952b5f1 expired”
“”,“498571”,“2017/12/10 04:36:51 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match efd210875d11c3055991316beef7a1916495433eea63c2631f511e021e56c69f_3dbe8f455ff432b49091b3cdbd4a86b6b1a60473b92365eebaf16c1ce1ad9317 expired”
“”,“498569”,“2017/12/10 04:28:04 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match Exp “,“Order Match fc6f14188b7d891b1ebbefbeeec83d92de801b2f92fbb93ad9370c0f7a6a0c4f_3215b17a7403dc79b12dd05de67f202cd794e2189c7abeaef2e8d42695b7b148 expired”
“2b5f1”,“498564”,“2017/12/10 03:12:45 PM +03:00”,””,“Order Match “,“My Address #1 sent 0.0079 BTC129PX3San2y9cLL51wC1y5NxecZzuKhznt sent 13.1233 XCP (pending BTCpay)”
“d9317”,“498550”,“2017/12/10 01:12:21 PM +03:00”,””,"Order Match ",“My Address #1 sent 0.0039 BTC1PVjr4p2R1mfpNmRC6UqVKLsMkyS8JJjFy sent 6.5487 XCP (pending BTCpay)”
“7b148”,“498548”,“2017/12/10 12:48:54 PM +03:00”,“My Address #1”,“Order “,“Sell 0.047 BTC for 78.3307 XCP”
“7b148”,“498548”,“2017/12/10 12:48:54 PM +03:00”,””,"Order Match ",“1D3F1G8hBfrDbrsXAtzLhxhCXyZgRUrBWd sent 76.814 XCPMy Address #1 sent 0.0461 BTC (pending BTCpay)”
“6c69f”,“498543”,“2017/12/10 12:13:32 PM +03:00”,“My Address #1”,"Order ",“Sell 0.0118 BTC for 19.672 XCP”

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Buy XCP for BTC on counterwallet only works with some extra console commands BTCpay. I recommend to buy XCP at an exchange like BitTrex and then send it to counterwallet for exchange to other counterparty assets which are not at Bittrex.

Devs should really disable this BTC/XCP exchange on counterwallet or make the BTCpay automatically.

I don’t think that disabling the BTC/XCP exchange is the best solution. A better way to go about it, would be to provide detailed documentation on how to go about it.

I managed after various trials and errors to get some trades through but the documentation on how to do it is really lacking.

After losing some BTC some days ago, I swore to get the damn thing working but only after some tears…

I wondering why DEX removed the BTCPay from the web…
I try to setup federated node, its syncing now.
But my “wished order” buy someone else, so i can see another one pending order now.
As I understant I should do manual BTCPay, but i can’t find additional “text” information witch one I should sent inside BTCPay.
Did you finish at least one transaction via console?
Where I can find this information?
(btcpay --source=mtQheFaSfWELRB2MyMBaiWjdDm6ux9Ezns
–order-match-id=092f15d36786136c4d868c3335_6ec3c9b5a0c77de54ed0e96a8dbdd8af160c23 in the documentation sample)

May be there is another a little easy method via api?

same problems i had since DEC 04 but after few days transaction was completed successfuly.

i have few XCP and SCUDOCOIN for sale. I’m selling XCP on bittrex SCUDOCOIN can be sold for now only on Counterparty. I have also DIAMONDBOND, it’s value now is 175 XCP and going up.
best regards

Yup I lost BTC because of this, I have transactions pending for over a year now and have no idea how to get my BTC back. Luckily its not much BTC.

Your BTC was spent on the bitcoin transaction fee to list the order. The system doesn’t escrow any BTC in orders, so the only BTC you “lost” was due to posting an order which never matched with anyone.