I thought stock order fees when they expire are refunded to my btc address?

When I try to cancel a stock order it states dont cancel or you will lose your btc fee for this order. let the order expire to get fee back. well I have not gotten any fees back from my expired orders. If no one had to mine to process my order why am I not getting my bitcoin refunded with my expired orders ? Another reason to activate a record for btc transactions within counterparty wallet. So as of now conterparty is stealing btc fees and not refunding them. With everyones money. No wonder you are slow to fix this feature you have a pile of btc fees sitting around unclaimed. Someone asked about this a month ago and the problem is still there. how about you wait until someone writes a complaint article in the top bitcoin blogs. and xcp crashes because you are so slow in fixing this issue.

When you create an order, the order itself is “burned” into the blockchain and the transaction fee is spent (earned by bitcoin miners), so whether you cancel it or not, it doesn’t un-do the order from the blockchain.

A cancellation only removes an unmatched order (or partial unmatched order) from being matched by the Counterparty DEx.

Counterparty doesn’t take any fees from anyone.

Well, the DEx works the way the documentation says it works.
Orders are matched, partially matched, or not matched at all (if they expire unmatched).

The Counterparty software, the DEx, the Foundation, the developers all cost nothing (no fees are charged by any of these).

The only fee is the one that goes to bitcoin miners, so if you want a refund you would have to contact the mining pool that mined the block your order got included in.
The only thing a DEx user can do is use another Counterparty-compatible wallet (such as Indiesquare Wallet) to pay lower per-transaction bitcoin fees, but there’s no way to avoid them and if they’re too low, then your orders (bitcoin transactions) may remain unconfirmed for many hours and by the time they get processed have nothing to be matched against because the other side’s orders already expired or cancelled or filled.

There’s no magic or anything controversial about this.

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Thank you for the quick response. So let me get this straight. what the community created was a stock exchange that eats your comission fee whether it is filled or not? So we pay for nothing to happen ? We take a chance that someone will fill our stock orders in 6 days??? I would have never gotten involved or invested in a company that used your exchange as a medium. Can you not see how ridiculous this is? So now we are being charged 36 cents just for the privilege to list our orders for a few days wow that is a total rip off. Why does the order need to go to blockchain if it is never filled? With these parameters the exchange will never be successful.