My funds are gone

Dear Sirs,

months ago I made a wallet and funded it with some xcp coins (look here at the blockchain

today I tried to login and it says 0 balance also the address inside is different.

Can somebody help?

Thank you

3 possibilities:

  1. Your password is wrong => you see a different empty wallet. Try to fix the password.

  2. Counterwallet sometimes has a glitch where it does not show all your addresses => In your counterwallet add another new address => Your original address is also shown now.

  3. Try another wallet server
    I'm having issues with Counterwallet. Are there alternative Counterparty (XCP) wallets?

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Solved, I pressed ‘Add new address’ and imeddiately the address I had the funds appeared. THANK YOUUUUU

Were you able to get any resolution to your problem? I have bitcoin missing since 2015 and I cannot get any help in trying to locate it. From reading the posts it seems that a lot of people are losing g their bitcoin here