My BTC has been leaked somwhere

Good day to everyone. This transaction shows that funds has been taken from address 1Hx5GNfGWkb6JxzvMeU6pWf141a1rjf8Pf where I deposit for bitcoin miner fees. What service I paid for? None of sell orders been placed, all failed and 'JSON-RPC Error: Type: Server errorCode: -32000Message: Got call_jsonrpc_api request error: result is None' (API method: create_armory_utx). shows. So what has happened, did I get scammed, thieves?

Well, I’m not blaming anyone. Just trying to rearrange a mess.
Another transaction has set my balance to 0. Don’t get me wrong. Most likely, I used wrong address in wrong place in a wrong way. It’s my fault. Think it got compromised, need to change it.