Had HLTH mistakenly sent to Coinbase Address by someone

I was new to this whole crypto thing and invested in HLTH. We wanted to sell some of it and buy XCP. Long story short, the person I had help sent it to a Coinbase BTC address and they never showed up (from what I was told) in his wallet. If you go to xchain and look up the transaction it shows the receiving address, the balance and it shows to be a valid transaction. I’ve read both sides to possible resolutions some saying it can be done and others that my coins are lost. Coinbase told me my best bet was to try and talk with the developers of the protocol/blockchain it was sent to. I was just wondering if anyone had any info or ways I could somehow get that back.Its 9300 coins approx and man I sure would hate for it to be lost. I have all transaction info if someone would need that. Or if possibly someone could point me in the direction of someone who could help. At this point I’d even agree to like 10% if they can do it. Thanks for reading, your time and hope to hear from ya soon

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Have you tried Freewallet.io? Don’t know if it can help but it’s got plenty of tools to try. Best of luck!

Coinbase is suggesting you talk to the developers of the blockchain/protocol in hopes that the project will be able to refund you a transaction or rollback the transaction, which is something that Counterparty and bitcoin DO NOT DO.

Your only option to retrieve your funds from coinbase is to have them send the token from their wallet address to a wallet address that you control.

Most likely your funds are lost, but if you can get coinbase to play ball, the coins could easily be sent from one of their wallets to a wallet you control.

Best of luck :slight_smile: