Sent Money to wrong address hoping to get the money back to invest in football coin

Hello, I recently sent 0.60469642 BTC from this address 1JjZfEtsfXnxED5PknWyPnQpZTpSr6T2a9 to 1APRQVhd1yVrFX78juXpr5Nq924s1v9nV5 Trying to buy XFC (Now I know this is the wrong place to send BTC when trying to buy XFC) but to my understanding the wallet I sent the BTC to is the Wallet of the creator and if this is true my money is recoverable because it in the owners account somewhere and I would greatly appreciate it if I could get my money back so I could invest in football coin.

I googled this address. Found it here

Belongs to someone who issues football cards. You should try to find and contact this person. I doubt he reads this forum.

@JPJA Thank you very much I owe you big time

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