All XCP had sent to unknown address without my will

I sent 1XCP to an exchange where I opened an account this morning.
3 hours later, all the rest of XCP had sent to unknown address (1KqwiwGjH13E9a2Q2CYhQ3d5ywPPAMiMDj) without my will.
Then my wallet balance became zero now.
What is this ? How can I get back the lost XCP?
Please give me an advice.

I am sorry to see this happened to you. Unfortunately, there is no UNDO

Looking in your wallet, it seems that you may have fallen to a scam run out of the domain mentioned in the comment field for the asset COUNTEREVENT. The website there asking for your private information is an unauthorized implementation of CounterParty open-source wallet. The culprits most likely took your sensitive information as soon as you logged into their system. AFAIK the only way to track them down is to do a whois lookup on their domain. I am not seeing any contact info, perhaps a Judge may be able to get the information from ICANN. idunno.
Good luck, and sorry to hear this happened to you.
hope this helps

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Thank you for your reply. I will be careful next time.