Might Segregated Witness and BIP148 affect CounterParty?

I see a lot of chatter about BIP148; SegWit and August being important and then perhaps less so given some consensus now that BTC can evolve… but really I’ve not understood much of that at depth.

I naturally draw parallels between CounterParty and Omni - see a lot similar for all the diff - both great projects with huge potential I think…

There’s a post then for Omni with more detail that seems to clear this up but on this list of projects at https://coin.dance/poli … I couldn’t see CounterParty where I’d expected perhaps it would be in the same class… so then wondered if it’s an issue for Counterwallet.io and other elements of counterparty… or if the tech is simply not affected in the same way.


I also want to know if Counterparty supports the user induced soft fork and BIP148. What will happen with my Bitcoin on my Counterparty wallet on August 1st?

You should always look to note your private key from each of the addresses you hold… put them in a safe place. The CounterParty wallet shows Bitcoin addresses because CounterParty like Omni works on the back of BTC blockchain but it is not holding them. If you have the private key, you can apply a transaction with any BTC wallet. BTC balance is just the sum of transactions and the private key is the ability to make transaction. It’s CounterParty assets that might be a concern - small one I expect but perhaps useful to know the options for dealing with that uncertainty are in hand. Given two weeks and no reply, I don’t know the answer beyond that.