Bitcoin fork on August 1

Will my counterparty account receive Bitcoin Cash from the Fork?

Counterparty only runs on BTC, so it will only deal with BTC.

Counterwallet allows you to display/view your private keys for any addresses.

You should be able to take any counterwallet private keys and use them in an external tool “split” your BTC/BCC… However, this would be done entirely outside of Counterparty/Counterwallet as Counterparty doesn’t deal with BCC, only BTC.

That means I would have to close my account at counterparty and move my BTC to a wallet that supports the fork. Since, the fork split will be based on the amount of BTC in the account. Is this correct?

That is incorrect. You do not need to move your coins out of counterwallet. Your BTC is perfectly fine/safe in Counterwallet during the fork. When the fork happens, if you had 100 BTC in your address, you will still have 100 BTC in your address… nothing changes.

Now, if you want to actually split your coins into BTC and BCC, you can do so OUTSIDE of the counterwallet system. All that you will need from Counterwallet is the private keys for your address.

Once the split happens, there will be BCC websites/tools that will appear to allow you to “split” BTC/BCC coins by simply pasting your private key into a website/tool.

All that a “splitting” tool allows you to do is move your BTC and BCC independently of one another. If you only care about BTC, you don’t need to do anything.

If you want to get your free BCC, you will need to wait until the fork, then get your private key from counterwallet, then paste it into a trusted “splitting” website/tool.

TL;DR… your BTC coins are 100% safe, and if you want to split to BCC, your able to using your private key.

I understand now. Thank you for the brief information. Cheers!

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so for BCC when you say split you mean you get 1 to 1 still right.

hi, if i have the bitcoin s here on this wallet before 1 august , now if i buy a ledger and on september wen it s arive i will still get the bitcoin cash with my private key? i wait for the ledger because i dont trust other tools on line untill now for the split.