How does SegWit affect Counterparty(or not)

Happy New Year!

I was wondering how SegWit implementation will affect Counterpartyif there is any effect at all (transaction fee, zero confirmation, etc…)

I don’t know if there is any discussion on this topic somewhere else but I’m just curious.

Good question.

I don’t know either but based on this it seems transactions could become cheaper.
Another part is P2SH, which Counterwallet currently does not support, but I think it’s planned for the next release and may benefit from that support.

I’d like to know how CP could be tested (if there’s anything to test) with SegWit on testnet.

Cheaper transactions would be nice.

Is there any other potential benefits though? As a non-engineer, I am doing a bit of research on what it can actually bring to the table but I would be excited if it can enable some other neat features on CP which were not really possible or practical before.