Indiesquare Issue

Hi folks…
I had orders placed to sell tokens via Indiesquare. These were partially filled, but I then decided I wanted to keep the rest so cancelled orders. However, this was weeks ago, and they are still showing as cancelling. What has gone wrong?

Your cancel order is probably still pending… or has timed out.

Your cancel order only actually cancels the order when the transaction is mined on the bitcoin network.

My guess is that your “Cancel Order” transaction used a low fee, which is why the transaction was never mined, and your order was never cancelled.

You might want to place another “Cancel Order” request except this time pay a higher transaction fee to ensure that the order gets cancelled.

Thanks a lot for that…
The orders still say cancelling, but when I try to click on the order nothing happens…how would I go about cancelling the ‘cancellation’ and start again? It never asked me how much to pay for the transaction fee…how do I alter the tx fee?

Many thanks…

I am not familiar with the Indiesquare wallet, so I can not answer that question.